About Us

LAPStorm first came about as a joint venture between J Candone and Gary M in 1998, at the height of the IT boom. Back then we were called DNA and were based near London Bridge. The company used to specialise in web development and had some big name clients.

Once the IT boom was over and budgets returned to normal DNA opened its doors to marketing based project. A major charity and a well known telecommunications company became their first big marketing and branding clients.

With their existing and new client base the company decided that they wanted to expand their marketing and technology departments but were not sure about a location. At this time a major department store in Spain had approached DNA to carry out a complete overhaul of their stores and online presence so an office in Madrid was established.

In 2004 the largest online technology and marketing agency in the world approached us with a view to a take over. After many months of negotiation an agreement was signed and DNA became an ongoing concern of this major player in the USA.

A few years later a major Gaming company needed us to develop and market their new online presence, the project was so involved that we decided to set up a presence in Gibraltar.

Fast forward to 2014 and the major player that we had become a part of diversified and decided that many of the companies they had amalgamated into one concern would now be split into "independent" companies placed strategically throughout the world. So candary.com was born.

As our territory now officially includes the UK we find ourselves at full circle looking again for premises in London almost 15 years later.

We have now finally rebranded after making the move to become fully self sufficient in the digital space and are now able to offer fully integrated in-house solutions for all of our clients.