24/7 support

Dedicated account manager and line for all clients. Please email us at AM@lapstorm.com for all new enquiries.
Our HQ housing over 20 dedicated support experts. Email us at spain@lapstorm.com for further information.
Our new offices house a new technology department. Email us at email: uk@lapstorm.com for further details.

we deliver and then we support

Our ongoing support for our new and existing customers is second to none in our industry! We believe that it is either profitable (long-term), professional or ethical to deliver a project then leave the client managing on their own with no regard for further potential ROI. In many cases we are invited by a potential client to look at a piece of work that has been delivered by another agency only to find that, with a little more effort, there is a large potential for a good ROI should further work have been completed.

We have always believed that it makes more sense to continue maintaining and improving a delivered project as it proves more profitable for the client. Also for every 10 existing clients we serve on an annual SLA at a reduced cost that is one less new client we would need to find. It makes perfect business sense all round.